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Listen to pronunciation of furtive  [fur-tiv]

Furtive looking guy1. Intended to escape observation, typically because of guilt or a belief that discovery would lead to trouble; secretive: a furtive glance

2. Suggestive of guilty nervousness: a furtive manner

Synonyms: surreptitious, clandestine, sneaky, insincere

Example from As It Is In Heaven by David Rakoff: “That crazy, callow, buoyant feeling couldn’t be further from embarrassment with which I skulk through the terminal at Newark Liberty International just a few short weeks after.”

Other examples:
At social gatherings she’s always lurking in the corners looking slightly furtive.
We exchanged furtive smiles across the table.

He still does furtive good deeds, but when he makes a celebratory air punch, he throws his back out.

The police report said the teen made furtive motions in the back seat, making officers suspicious.

But mostly it was men – men of all sorts and shapes, but the same furtive demeanor.
Kevin Baker DREAMLAND (1999)

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